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Interested in a career in real estate?

Let us show you how you  can make tens of thousands by bring the best Realtors to Metro Detroit’s Best Real Estate Company!

Remerica Hometown One is one of the most innovative real estate brokers in Michigan.  Recognized as a market leader, Remerica Hometown One has every resource you need to support your professional growth and potential. 

Remerica is a full service real estate company with over 80 professional agents.  Our full time team of professionals sell millions annually which partially explains why so many people choose Remerica Hometown One.

Besides the high experience level of the agents, another contributing factor to the success of the office is the commitment of each individual working here.  Every person is dedicated not only to personal success but to the overall success of the company.  This is done by offering the consumer the best experience possible in today's marketplace.  This is very evident in the spirit of cooperation that permeates the office.

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The Value is Clear!

"Share the Profits"
When we are profitable, you are profitable!  Profits are disbursed annually to our Realtor Team*.

"You Stay or We'll Pay"
Here at Remerica Hometown One, we are so confident that our systems will increase your success that we guarantee it.  If within one year our income, family/free time and professionalism do in crease, we will pay you up to $1,000 if you choose to leave.*

"Recruit Your Way to No Contract"
We offer the most dynamic recruiting bonus plan in our area.

  • For recruiting a new agent, you are rewarded with $200.00 from each of their first five transaction.
  • For recruiting an experienced agent (proven one million dollar producer or more), you are rewarded with $300 from each of their first 10 transactions.
  • For each year a recruited agent pays their contract, you receive a $500 credit toward your contract.

"Education Means Professionalism"
We believe education increased professionalism, decreases liability and shows a commitment to our profession.  We expect all agents to obtain their GRI designation within 2 years of coming to work at Remerica Hometown One.  We so firmly believe in the importance of continuing education that Remerica Hometown One will contribute one half of the cost* of GRI classes and will deduct $250 a year from your contract every year after completion.

* Some benefits require minimum production levels.

Money Matters - No One Even Comes Close!

Base Contract... Start at $16,900
Team Contracts... Start at $26,900

Franchise fee and transaction fee capped at 25 transactions.

Additions to Contract:

  • Unlicensed Assistants... $250.00 annually
  • Licensed Assistants (with no desk)... $500 annually
  • Licensed Buyer Assistants... $250 monthly

Credits to Contracts:

  • GRI designation... $250 annually
  • CRS designation... $250 annually
  • LTG designation... $250 annually
  • Recruiting.... unlimited per program
  • Income from flexible transaction fee


  • Technology at it's best!  State-of-the-art computers loaded with software just for you. 
  • Free email and web page for every Realtor®
  • Courier service - Where can we go for you?
  • In-house Productivity Center to handle your desktop publishing needs, (i.e., brochures, feature sheets, farm management, postcards, newsletters, etc.)
  • Vibrant Web presence and home search functions.  Leads flow to Realtor® team daily!
  • Modern, updated and fully automated office including state-of-the-art network to every desk and intranet available anywhere in the world.
  • Active Broker-Owner who is a recognized industry leader.
  • Company-sponsored leads and planned events for your clients.

In-House Training A - Z

  • On-site leadership.
  • "Jump Start" training series.
  • Comprehensive real estate business planning.
  • Prospecting training based on today's proven techniques.
  • Computer training that works.
  • Goal setting and achieving.
  • Franchise-sponsored training brings the nation's best to you.
  • Mentoring program creates profitability and friendships.
  • In-house library by the country's best trainers allow ongoing improvements.

Consider The Difference
Remerica Hometown One provides flexibility so you can run your business the way you want, with our support!  If you're good, we make you better!

  • Information and tools networked to your personal computer.
  • MLS access from your computer and ours
  • FREE personal e-mail account
  • FREE custom personal web page
  • All MLS data branded to our website
  • Custom corporate web page link
  • Productivity Center creates more transactions for you
  • Lead generating systems
  • Our mail house brings cost down for your mailings.
  • Constant in-house training sessions keep you on track.
  • Online forms and documents save you time
  • Automated systems track showings, advertisements, accounts and Realtor information.

For a confidential interview contact Claire Williams at (734) 420-3400.





  Agent Benefits at Remerica Hometown One 

Agents interested in learning more about our innovative office and available sales opportunities should contact 
John McArdle
at (734) 420-3400 for an insightful, confidential discussion.

Private, semi-private, and base offices.
Active Broker and Leadership Team.
Fully networked, state of the art office.
Internet and MLS at every desk via High Speed Dedicated T-1 connection.
Software for presentations and prospecting at every desk.
All listings are promoted on the home page of, one of the most-visited real estate web sites in Michigan with over 2,200 unique visitors per day!
E-mail Server for easier email communication.
Personal web pages for every Realtor® with free hosting.
Mobile inventory access.
All Real Estate forms available on the web.  E-mail contracts to clients.
In-house productivity center and mailing center.
Office intranet access worldwide.
Free in-house courier service.
Home office access and connectivity.
Trademarked design.
In-house training department, from technology to time management.
Company sponsored events for your clients, family, and friends.
Location, Location, Location!!!
All this... and the most progressive commission contracts in the area!
2 offices with capacity of 90 Realtors

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