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Benefits of Home Ownership


Unlike all other capital investments, the home satisfies one of our basic needs for shelter.  Shelter means more than keeping us secure from the natural elements.  It also assures us the right of privace which guarantees our individual freedom.  The old saying that equates a home to a castle is quite accurate in that homeownership allows us to live our lives according to the preferences of our own lifestyle.

Pride of Ownership
The free enterprise system is one that rewards success.   Traditionally, a home is one of the most significant signs of success.  The obvious pride that one feels in owning a home is one of the great emotional and psychological rewards for attaining some degree of success in our society.  This feeling of pride is continually nurtured as some home owners upgrade the quality of homes they own.

Tax Advantages
Despite many changes in the Internal Revenue Service tax laws, home ownership continues to provide unique tax advantages for ownership of a primary residence and a second home.  Mortgage interest and property taxes are allowed to be deducted from regular income before tax computations on a primary residence.   Ownership of a second home provides these same tax advantages plus depreciation allowances if the property is rented to a third party.

Profit Potential
Unlike other investments, when you make a return only on the amount of money invested, home ownership allows you the opportunity to obtain a return on both invested and borrowed money.  This technique, know as leverage, provides a unique method for every homeowner to enhance this or her net worth.

Source: Tom Ervin

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